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WELCOME! So here you are! You have made a step! A courageous move! What now?

I invite you to learn more. You deserve to give yourself this support and comfort.
You are free to have the life you have been dreaming about. Start your journey.

Life Coaching provides you with the support that allows you to see and sustain new possibilities for your life.
Together, we focus on what is happening now and what you can do to create what you need and want!

I would like to listen to your story. I am curious!

ULTIMATELY, YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! I help you uncover them by asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS…
I will help you see what is REAL and what are only stories that you are holding.

Unleash the being in you that wants to be free…then consciously you will create the life you need and deserve.
You will break unwanted habits and addictions, create more meaningful relationships, enjoy the work you do or
recreate your life’s work and purpose.

You do not have to be where you are and be alone with it. I will support you on your journey.
In our conversation I help you feel, experience and understand what it is that you need;
then you have the opportunity to make your declarations.

Together we will start a new journey that will provide you with…
New visions
New practices
New insights
New beginnings

I invite you to have a conversation with me. An introductory session is FREE!
What are you waiting for?

Elizabeth Sylvester    Life Coach    Midcoast Maine    207.737.2158

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